[Sca-cooks] Boil-in bag meals question

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 16 12:13:09 PDT 2007

Wow that took me back to a Potrero War about 20 years ago when I did the 
same thing, before I was very conversant with lamb.  Yeah, eating at 
bedtime is not everyone favorite thing, who'd a thunk?

Sounds like your lamb, all tucked away, sealed from evil influences and 
kept cool, got all the benefits of a week's aging and none of the 
detriments.  Huzzah!


Helen Schultz wrote:
> Thanks for the input, guys... the FoodSaver was the one that was $100... I just couldn't remember the name of it until I saw it in type here.  I'llhave to consider my options, then.  It sounds like a much better option than regular ziplock baggies (which always seem to let water in <sigh>).
> I do like the idea of having everything done ahead of time, and may use some of the options for Pennsic next year.
>   By the way, I did have a leg of lamb that I brought out to Pennsic this year (with bone), that I thought would stay frozen much longer than it did.  But, it was purchased from Sam's Club in one of those seal-a-meal type bags, and even though it had been thawed out for nearly a week (kept on ice, though), it tasted wonderful.  It would have been better if marinated, though... so might have to work on that for next year.  I cooked it using my new raised firebed on a spit... made a wonderful mustard/rosemary rub for it.  Our fire wasn't hot enough, so itonly cooked half way through... so we cut up the uncooked parts and put them into a pot to continue cooking and had it two nights in a row... tasted wonderful the first night, and not bad the second.  There was only 5 of us eating when it got cooked, or it probably would have been totally eaten the first night if the other 4 people in our encampment had been there (they came a few days later.  Next time, I WILL start the fire
>  myself (my campmate friend wouldn't let me be my usual pyromaniac self <grin>), and I WILL start it much sooner than at 5pm!!  We ended up eating it at nearly 10pm <sigh>.

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