[Sca-cooks] Cheese fat?

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For Steppes Artisan I made some yoghurt cheese. I added chopped dates, 
chopped almonds and honey for flavor.(I made wafers to go along with the 
cheese)  It seemed to go over really well. Someone, I'm old and poor with 
names, told me it was period to make this kind of cheese.
All you need is a large container of unflavored yoghurt (make sure there is 
no gelatin or anything else in it.).  Line a strainer with cheesecloth (or 
paper towels), place that all in a large bowl and then dump the yoghurt in 
it.  Cover, place in the  refrigerator, in about two hours you will see the 
cream cheese forming.  I usually dump the whey and continue refrigerating 
for at least twenty-four hours.  Next time, I am going to make my own 
yoghurt first.
Hope to see you at LP.
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>I am thinking of making a cheese as part of my upcoming
> Laurel's Prize Tourney display so I'm going through period
> sources of cheese recipes. What I'm looking at right now
> is Digby's "To Make Slipp-Coat Cheese".
> I've never made a fresh cheese beyond basic curd cheese
> so this is pretty new to me. Digby keeps referring to put
> the cheese in and out of "cheese fat". What is he referring
> to?
> Also, he suggests drying the cheese on reeds or some
> other padding to draw out the moisture. Any suggestions
> for a more modern substitute? I think Adamantius made
> this so he may have some pointers for me.
> Or, anyone have some other sources for a quick cheese?
> I think Guter Spise has a few I need to check out.
> Gunthar
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