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Sun Aug 19 09:57:22 PDT 2007

Greetings, all.

I'm looking at the possibility of actually having time for this list again!

In the process of coming back (I've stayed subscribed, just wasn't
reading) I've been looking through the last few week's posts, and came
across this.

I know Isabeau, and can connect people with her, if you want. Drop me
a note, and I'll forward it.


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> Petru
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> So...
> I was out at my dad's place this past weekend, helping him clear some
> stuff out of the attic which used to be at my grandparent's place.
> One of the things I came across was a cookbook of my grandmother's.
> It's probably from around the turn of the century (I honestly didn't
> look for a publication date), but it is the text of a Polish cookbook,
> from the area of Silesia, which was written in 1553.
> While dad could wade through the Polish, and I could spend hours with
> a dictionary, I figured there might be folks out there with more
> knowledge and experience with recipe redaction who would be interested
> (me, I just want the recipe's when they're done).  The book is a
> family heirloom for me, so I want it to remain in my possession, but
> if someone were honestly willing to put the work in, I will photograph
> every page, burn it to CD and send it to you (it's too fragile to
> force the pages flat to a scanner bed).
> Isabeau
>   __._,_.___

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