[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

Pixel, Goddess and Queen pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Mon Aug 20 07:20:05 PDT 2007

Coming to this thread a little late...

It depends greatly on what kind of event it is and who I'm with, what I 
end up eating. My consort and I strive for periodicity whenever we can, in 
addition we're frequently camping with a handful of other authenticity 
nuts in the "Period Camping" space. In those circumstances we usually 
coordinate what everyone is bringing to some degree--last fall I made 
Platina's apple fritters and sage fritters (at least I remember that 
the sage are Platina's, I could be wrong). The sage fritters were 
apparently a huge hit--people keep mentioning them to my consort and to 


A lot of the venues for indoor events around here don't allow outside 
food, so one ends up eating extremely modern things because that's what's 
available. And it depends greatly on the feast whether I will stay and eat 
it or go out with friends.

Margaret FitzWilliam, in rainy (finally!) Northshield

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