[Sca-cooks] so ... what do YOU eat.

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I think it's great what you and Anne-Marie, and Lainie do (eating medievally at camping events).  It's a big part of how I get into the mood, too, and if I had the opportunity to exercise some choices over what I was eating, I'd definitely being doing things less modern.  As it is, though, my life right now, and my limitations (no resisting family members, but I do travel with others, and don't have the resources to do my own camp cooking) mean that I get to eat what the organizers have decided on.
Oddly enough, I've got some authentic-friendly acquaintances who, despite their decided preferences for medieval foods at feasts and indoor events, specifically CHOOSE not to cook/serve period food when camping, because of the ease of cooking more modern things.  Out of cans. <g>  I never have gotten my head around that one.....
--Maire, in a kingdom where you can count the hard-core foodies on both hands, and probably have fingers left over, alas....
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  We may be a bit of a minority, but I definitely don't think it's "weird" to
  do period meals at events -- in fact, it's pretty much all I ever do. :-)  I
  sometimes hang out with a small group of hardcore foodies that like to dine
  together at events; there usually seem to be twice or three times as many
  dishes on the table as there are people to eat them, and all the food is
  totally period and totally exquisitely delicious, even extending to
  delicacies like homemade charcuterie.  I feel soooooo lucky to know these
  people. :-)

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