[Sca-cooks] TI Article on Peas

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 22 00:42:16 PDT 2007

Johnnae mentioned (back before Pennsic):

<<< I wrote down on my list that I need to do an article on
Catherine de Medici and food mythology sometime in the near future.
When it will shuffle to the top of the pile and get worked on, ????
Probably late this fall. I have some other things that are owed first
with earlier deadlines.  >>>

I'm not sure if you were thinking of this article specifically for TI  
or not, but I, of course, would be interested in adding such an  
article to the Florilegium. And if need be, I will hold off  
publishing an article until after it is published in TI, or wherever.

Folks, getting an article published in the Florilegium may get you  
comments and reviews such as have been published here about the TI  
peas article here, before it's  more "set-in-stone" and published in  
a paper publication such as TI. One of my standard policies is to  
accept updates to articles at any time. This also means that there is  
no need to withhold publishing your work until it is perfect.  Even  
with an imperfect article folks can still be learning from it while  
you learn more and correct it later.

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