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emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sat Aug 25 14:17:21 PDT 2007

> I am looking for a copy of Kuchenmeisterei / Kuchenmeisterey / Kuchmistrz .
> I currently have a facsimile copy of a manuscript that I found online.

Could you please provide the URL? Sounds good!

> I know there was a facsimile edition of a printed 
> version, but I am not having any luck finding it. 

There is a printed facsimile of the 1490 edition 
published in 1939 (edited by Wegener) and another one 
from the 1486 edition (edited much later, I can look 
it up). The 1490 copy is online:

If I remember correctly, someone is working on a transcription/edition of this text (I think I saw it on culinaryhistory.org). 

> I did find, I think, an 
> original copy at Bibliotheca Gastronomica 
> (http://www.antiquariat.net/gastronomica), an antique bookseller, but it was 
> a little outside my price range. Go here if you are interested:
> http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=kuchenmeisterey&sts=t&x=14&y=15
This is the Schnurr hausbuch from 1631, it includes the küchenmeisterei text. The Koch- und Kellermeisterei from 1566 is in the tradition of the Küchenmeisterei as well. It is somewhere on the web.


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