[Sca-cooks] Speaking of Cheesecakes....

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Aug 28 08:24:34 PDT 2007

There's this one-- It's from an article in the Florilegium
titled Baking with Sugar in Renaissance Germany by Lord
Giano Balestriere.

Du kanst auch wol ein Turten machen von einem solchen Teig / un kanst

es kalt lassen werden / die nennet man Kaese turten / und wenn du es wilt

auff ein Tisch geben / so besprengs mit Rosenwasser / unnd gibs kalt /

bestraew es mit weissem Zucker. Du magsts gantz geben oder zerschneiden.

You can also make a tart of this dough that is served cold and called 
'Cheese Tart'. If you want to serve it, drizzle it with rosewater and 
sprinkle it with white sugar. You can serve it whole or cut it up. 
(Rumpoldt, Gebackens)

500g cream cheese or quark
4 eggs
2-3 cups flour
Mix the egg and cream cheese or quark, then add flour until a thick 
dough results. Either shape generous tablespoonfuls into small cakes and 
place in a muffin tin or pour the whole into a shallow buttered and 
floured pan. Bake at 175?C until done (cakelets 20-30 minutes, cake 
50-60 minutes). Drizzle with rosewater and sprinkle with sugar while 
still hot. The cake is better when served warm, and the suggested 
buttering of the muffins is distinctly too rich for most modern palates.


> A lady on our kingdom list is interested in 16th century recipes for German cheesecake and cheesecake cousins, if there are any such things.  snipped
> Thanks,
> Maire

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