[Sca-cooks] Honey, I'm Home...

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 29 12:18:12 PDT 2007

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>Wow. Almost coast to coast and back again. That was quite a trip.

Well, i left home driving by the San Francisco Bay, considered an 
extension of the Pacific, and on the way home drove across a bridge 
over the Delaware Bay, considered an extension of the Atlantic. I 
also passed through 19 different states.

>  > Gee, but it's good to be back home...
>That's often what I hear people say when they *get* to Pennsic. :-)

Well, it wasn't home to me. Perhaps after another time or two, with 
less rain :-)

Kiri wrote:
>Unfortunately, this was not the best Pennsic for you to attend... the weather
>was unusually rotten... though, according to traditional calculations, it was
>due to be a "Pennsic Puddle!"  The traditional calculations are that any
>Pennsic whose number is evenly divisible by 4 will be a puddle... because
>Pennsic 4 was a puddle, and it has pretty much followed that ever since.
>Hopefully, Urtatim, you'll be able to come back for a Pennsic in a dry year!

Well, there were so many days of rain... far more than i heard was 
usual (whatever "usual" is for Pennsic). Even before i left Cooper's 
Lake i threw away the cotton drop cloth i use as my pavilion floor 
over my "ubiquitous blue tarp" and i've got some mildewed stuff that 
i will have to replace (i got to wash it in hot water and bleach at 
my cousin's house in Columbus Ohio on the 15th, so it isn't still 

And while i know it's usually hot and humid at Pennsic, is it usually 
so suffocatingly humid? Sometimes i was partially "blinded" even if i 
wasn't moving, because sweat was pouring off my face, and the salty 
liquid kept getting in my eyes.

I had fun working for Devra for two afternoons. And besides Stefan 
and Ranvaig I actually saw a number of listees, such as Jadwiga, even 
though i didn't get to say hello.

However, i never saw a Tuchuk... so my experience wasn't quite complete...

Maybe next year...
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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