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Bear replied to my questions about the Geoponica with:

<<< Geoponica is a 10th Century Greek agricultural manual which may  
derive from
a 6th Century Latin text.

A translation of Geoponica 20.46:1-6 can be found in Curtis, Robert I.,
Garum and Salsamenta; E.J. Brill, 1991, pg 12-13.  To quote the text:

"1.  The so-called liquamen is made in this manner:  the intestines  
of fish
are thrown into a vessel and salted.  Small fish, either the best  
smelt, or
small mullets, or sprats, or wolffish, or whatever is deemed to be  
are all salted together and, shaken frequently, are fermented in the  


Three other texts (which I don't have available) describe the process of
preparing garum; (Marcus?) Manilius's Astronomica and texts  
attributed to
Gargilius Martialis and Rufus Festus.  Curtis warns that Martialis may
contain medieval intrusions and that the recipe attributed to Festus is
obviously of medieval date. >>>

Thank you! This is wonderful, especially the description for making  
garum. I will get this into the garum-msg file and hopefully this  
will help others who might want to make this or help further their  

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