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Below is the documentation and recipe you requested, courtesy of my 
lord husband.

 >Matthew G. Saroff
 >Owings Mills, MD
 >msaroff at pobox.com
 >Here is a link for the project Gutenberg transcription of Chocolate: or,
 >An Indian Drinke, by Antonio Colmenero de Ledesmam in 1631, translated
 >from Spanish by Capt. James Wadsworth in 1652:
 >http://www.robwildridge.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/RECEIPES.HTM  Has the above
 >recipe and one with ambergris!
 >Here is the recipe redaction that I found
 >(http://www.toger.us/pipermail/reeds/2007-February/006042.html).  It was
 >done by Rauthulfr Gothi <Cacao-Laurel at comcast.net>:
 >To give an idea of Spanish Chocolate this is my Redaction of the 1631
 >Spanish Recipe
 >*	Husked Cacaos, 100 = 1.5 cups
 >*	Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Verum)= 2 tsp.
 >*	long red Chile Pepper (New Mexico Red), two cods = 2 tbl.
 >*	Almonds, 12
 >*	Anise seed, 1 tbl.
 >*	Hazelnuts, 12
 >*	Roses of Alexandria,  (Rosa Galica or Rosa Mundi)1 tbl.
 >*	Sugar (I used Mexican), = ½  cup
 >*	Vanilla, One very fresh bean
 >*       Achiote, ¾ tsp.  (used to color cheese, butter.  Keeps this
 >Chocolate from looking a strange un appetizing grey.)
 >* I used Cacao nibs, already roasted, I'm not skilled in the ways of
 >roasting Cacao.
 >* I used some rose water instead of roses because it was easier to find. *
 >I put it in a percolator and perked it.
 >* I toasted everything in a 225 degree oven before grinding.  15 minutes
 >for the nuts, and then add the rest and do another 15 minutes.
 >* If you are using a coffee grinder, chop the nuts before grinding, they
 >are otherwise just soft enough to gum up the grinder.
 >* It's good cold too, it was more potent, but I'm not sure if this was the
 >temp or the time.  When cold, there are bits of cocoa butter floating at
 >the top.
 >* I did not try to froth this, which is traditional.
 >* Achiote is also called Annatto, which is how my spice lady labeled it.
 >Matthew G. Saroff
 >Owings Mills, MD
 >msaroff at pobox.com
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