[Sca-cooks] Feast Menu for Atlantian Coronation

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Fri Aug 31 12:17:05 PDT 2007

--- Olwen the Odd <olwentheodd at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The cucumber salad is from Recipe from the book Imperial Mongolian Cooking 
> by Marc Cramer.
> ISBN # 0-7818-0999-1  Hippocrene Books, Inc. along with the Garlic Yogurt 
> Sauce.
> With this menu we consulted someone who is not only in our cooks guild, but 
> quite well versed in Mongolian, Baroness Chagan.
> Sometimes we fudge it a bit but by and large our recipes are documentable, 
> unlike some of our solties I have been known to do.....
> Olwen

Unfortunately this book, while an interesting read, uses modern recipes.  So if you are using
recipes from this book, then these recipes are NOT documentable.  Use them if you wish, but
DON'T tell people that this are period recipes.  Tell people that because there are no cookbooks
from this area and era, these are modern recipes that you speculate might have been served.


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