[Sca-cooks] Feast Menu for Atlantian Coronation

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Thu Aug 30 20:15:45 PDT 2007

>>  >Greetings all.  I thought some of you may be interested to read the
>>>menu we have planned for Atlantian Coronation this Saturday.  We
>>>will serve (in theory) 200 plus High Table (12) and minions.  Enjoy
>>>the read.
>>>Beverages to be provided
>>>Water, Sekunjabin, Iced tea
>>I think of iced tea as one of the more strikingly OOP things the SCA
>>does. In your case, the use of tea fits the theme--but do we have any
>>evidence that it was drunk iced as well as hot in asia in period?
>>If I read the menu correctly, you are mixing period recipes with
>>modern ethnic recipes--at least, I don't know of any period source
>>for Ukrainian Cucumber Salad or some of the others. Do you do
>>anything to keep your diners from concluding that, since they are
>>being served in a medieval feast many of whose recipes are period,
>>they must be period as well?
>Good point about the tea but hot tea is unseasonable for now. 
>Somehow the caffene addicts don't complain and the others just go 
>for the water or sekunjabin.
>The cucumber salad is from Recipe from the book Imperial Mongolian 
>Cooking by Marc Cramer.
>ISBN # 0-7818-0999-1  Hippocrene Books, Inc. along with the Garlic 
>Yogurt Sauce.

I haven't read the book, but  looking at the list of recipes from its 
Amazon.com listing  I observe "Feta Cheese Blended with Spices and 
Paprika." So far as I can tell from the information there, these are 
recipes from areas that were in the Mongol Empire, not period recipes.

Am I mistaken? Does the book claim that these are recipes from period sources?
David Friedman

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