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Adele de Maisieres commented:
<<< People in this neck of the woods are demons for sauerkraut at  
though. >>>

Do you use a particular period recipe or description or a modern  

I think I have a few recipes in this file but would like to have more:
sauerkraut-msg    (36K)  9/25/05    Period sauerkraut and pickled  

Hmmm. Okay in reviewing this file, unless you've since found a period  
recipe, your previous comments there sound like you are using general  
descriptions for making it.

There are various period mentions in that file on serving sauerkraut,  
just no recipe for it, other than this one for salted cabbage.

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Subject: [Sca-cooks] An Italian recipe for sauerkraut? was sour
       cabbage -   german recipe
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So I would say that Sauerkraut is probably late period, but we just
haven't found the recipes
yet.  Huette

I figure that this will make the whole discussion more complicated. I
came across this recipe in Scappi some time ago.  It refers to
cabbage in salt, packed in wooden barrels or ceramic vases. It could
easily be another salted cabbage or it could indeed be sauerkraut.
Although one could argue that just about any cabbage stored in a
salty liquid will become sauerkraut anyway.


Per far minestra di cauli cappucci stati in sale. Cap CXCVII

Son portati in Trevisi & in Venetia di terra Todesca cauli cappucci
salati con salimora in vasi di terra o di legno, li quali cavati che
son dalla salimora si lavano in più acque, & si fanno stare in molle,
& si fanno perlessare con acqua semplice; & cavinosi d’essa acqua, &
rinfreschinosi con altre acque, & faccianosi cuocere in brodo di
carne di vaccina grassa, spigoli d’aglia ammaccati, & cotti che sono
si cavano ascuitti, & si copreno di agliata. Si possono ancho
soffrigere con lo strutto liquefatto, & aglio, & cipollette battute
dapoi che saranno cotti nel brodo, & si serveno con pepe, & fior di
finocchio sopra.

To make a dish of headed cabbage kept in salt. Chapter 197

Into Trevisi and Venice is carried from Germany salted headed cabbage
with salted liquid in vessels of ceramic or of wood. The which is
taken from the salted liquid and washed in water and then soaked in
water and parboiled in simple water. One takes it from this water and
refreshes it with more water, and put it to cook in fatty beef broth
with chopped garlic cloves, and when it is cooked one takes it out
dry (strains it) and covers it with garlic sauce. One can also fry it
in melted lard with garlic and chopped onions after it has been
cooked in the broth and one serves it with pepper and ground fennel

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