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> A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, all!
> Adamantius

Our own New Year's Dinner is full of Southern Tradition and hoped-for 

Black-eyed peas for Coinage
Collard Greens (Must be frostbite) for folding money
Cornbread for Gold
Pork for prosperity or plenty
Candied Sweet Potatoes for a sweet year

I baked a cake, from scratch, for dessert-a simple yellow cake with chocolate 
frosting. Decorated with pecan halves. 
No meaning, just wanted cake! <G>
Amazingly, the old oven behaved itself. No hot spots, no fallen cake, no 
half-done, half-burned cornbread...but I still hate that oven. It is over 25 years 
old, the units don't heat evenly, and the light, timers and such will not 
work. It is time for a replacement. But, what I want, is almost 3 grand, and then 
we would need a carpenter for a kitchen redo...JennAir double oven. (Longing, 
whimpering noises)
If one is going to dream, might as well dream ...well.

Happy New Year! May you all know only good health and prosperity in the 
coming year!


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