[Sca-cooks] Christmas foodie goodies....

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jan 2 00:32:53 PST 2007

Mairie mentioned:

<<< But this year, I got Cool Stuff!  I have two whisks from
the King Arthur Flour Co--wooden handles, and heavy wire whisk part,
one is for bread making and the other for muffins. >>>

Okay, I guess it isn't that unusual that they make different types of  
whisks, although I'm not sure how or why I would choose which whisk  
for which job. But two different whisks for doing different bread  
products??? How do they differ from each other? How do you know which  
is for which? Are they labeled?

<<< I also have a new, heavier
chef's knife (a Henckel), to match my smaller one.  And there's a cool
little measuring gadget with a magnet on it, so it sticks to my  
fridge. >>>

Ah. That's handy. That way as the fridge door is opened and closed  
the bits of flour or seasoning sticking to the measuring gadget are  
shaken loose. A self cleaning measuring gadget.   :-)

<<< I also rated
two cookbooks (one on tea goodies, and another on One Pot Meals, which I
thought was a gourmet version of crock pot stuff, but turns out to be
cooler). >>>

How is it different from crock pot stuff?

<<< and spiced apple-honey wine, >>>

Sounds interesting. Was it actually labeled as this? I've gotten one  
or two bottles labeled "mead", which turned out simply to be honey- 
flavored wine. They admit that, but in small, tiny print or sometimes  
you can only see for sure only by looking at the ingredient list.

<<< --Maire, waiting for her cold to go away so she can *taste* some  
of this
stuff >>>

I hope your cold is gone now.
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