[Sca-cooks] Christmas foodie goodies....

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Hi, Stefan.  I'm not sure if I can properly intersperse my comments without
the whole thing getting too confusing, so I'm just top-posting my responses.
1.  The two whisks are clearly distinguishable by size, although they were
not labeled.  I was informed of their intended purpose by the gifter, and I
gather that she got that info from the catalogue from which they were
2.  *sigh*  You wash the measuring gizmo *off* in between uses, you goober!
3.  It's a book specifically on "one-pot meals" from various ethnic
heritages, etc.  Some are stove-top, others are bake-in-the-oven.  Some
probably could be adapted for crockpot use, but that was just my original
mis-reading of the title.
4.  The apple-honey wine is distinctly labeled as such, rather than as a
melomel.  Got something to do with state regulations--the brewer (our
baroness, actually) has to market her wines as "fruit and honey wines"
rather than "honey wines" which may have fruit in them.  I don't remember
all of the details, but it's got something to do with the Official
Definition of what is, or is not, a "wine."  I think it *has* to be made
with fruit or fruit juice.  She actually makes melomels, in which both fruit
and honey are fermented.  Straight mead, which I've seen for sale elsewhere
(although, not by her), is another critter.  Maybe the labeling that you've
seen in TX is actually a similar sort of thing.
5.  The cold, alas, is still present, although I'm clearly on the mend.
This particular virus, from what I've heard from other afflictees, lasts for
weeks.  And weeks.  I'm thinking of buying stock in Kleenex....;o)

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> Mairie mentioned:
> <<< But this year, I got Cool Stuff!  I have two whisks from
> the King Arthur Flour Co--wooden handles, and heavy wire whisk part,
> one is for bread making and the other for muffins. >>>
> Okay, I guess it isn't that unusual that they make different types of
> whisks, although I'm not sure how or why I would choose which whisk
> for which job. But two different whisks for doing different bread
> products??? How do they differ from each other? How do you know which
> is for which? Are they labeled?
> <<< I also have a new, heavier
> chef's knife (a Henckel), to match my smaller one.  And there's a cool
> little measuring gadget with a magnet on it, so it sticks to my
> fridge. >>>
> Ah. That's handy. That way as the fridge door is opened and closed
> the bits of flour or seasoning sticking to the measuring gadget are
> shaken loose. A self cleaning measuring gadget.   :-)
> <<< I also rated
> two cookbooks (one on tea goodies, and another on One Pot Meals, which I
> thought was a gourmet version of crock pot stuff, but turns out to be
> cooler). >>>
> How is it different from crock pot stuff?
> <<< and spiced apple-honey wine, >>>
> Sounds interesting. Was it actually labeled as this? I've gotten one
> or two bottles labeled "mead", which turned out simply to be honey-
> flavored wine. They admit that, but in small, tiny print or sometimes
> you can only see for sure only by looking at the ingredient list.
> <<< --Maire, waiting for her cold to go away so she can *taste* some
> of this
> stuff >>>
> I hope your cold is gone now.

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