[Sca-cooks] Santa bring any cool cooking stuff?

rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Tue Jan 2 18:41:04 PST 2007

Well I got a new grill to go with the new house, since I lost my old 
grill in the divorce... Ok Not really we all kinda agreed that no one 
wanted the damn thing.  But I do feel that I definitely got my moneys 
worth out of that old grill, (lasted about 8 years, was rode hard and 
put up wet, cover left off of it half the time, and moved around WAY to 
much. Including being taken on the road inside a poorly loaded trailer 
to be used in a field kitchen...).  This bad little gas grill had 2 
burner jets, a side burner, and cup/can holder.  It cost us, I think, 
(No shit) $70.00.  I feel that I got my $$$ out of it. 
    So the new one has 3 burners, a side burner with 2 jets, a griddle 
rack for the side burner, (let's hear it for Japanese steak house 
veggies with my steaks...) I think a cup holder, and a COVER... 
ooooohhhhh.   LOL
    Let's see I also got $60.00 worth of Ballentine Equipment Gift 
Certificates.  (Restaurant equipment supplier that sells to the general 
public as well.)  From there I had a mini shopping spree.  Got a long 
handled extended flipper, long handle basting brush, 18" tongs, 2 
aprons, a steak weight, (wanted 2 got 1), a plastic cutting board, (and 
got rid of the monster wooden one I had!!! Yes I like WOOD, but until I 
can make the trip and select my very own solid wood board, I'll stick 
with the plastic ones) ((My old wooden one was delaminating the day it 
was gifted to me and I constantly oiled it!!!!)) and some serving 
spoons/general purpose spoons. 
    Now we skipped down a few notches this year probably cause of last 
year... when we blew the wad at the outlet stores in Tennessee. 
But a brief report on one of those gifts... We bought a Ceramic Knife.  
We loved it (still do as a matter of fact).  But I will warn you the 
break very easy.  Luckily the company is pretty good about either fixing 
the problem or replacing the blade.  (I just have to find the email so 
that I can send the blade back.)  But rest assured I will most likely be 
getting the larger knife for myself next year. ;)

    Got married!!! Woo hooo!!!  And built 1 and 1/2 tents.  (Still 
working on the second one.)
Now we just have to get ready for the wedding ceremony that is for us... 
in March.  Long story but eloping was easier... Now we can have the 
wedding that we want with the folks we want there.... (Read our SCA 
friends.) ;)

Welp thats my Ol' Saint Nick Report.


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