[Sca-cooks] Santa bring any cool cooking stuff?

Patrick Levesque petruvoda at videotron.ca
Thu Jan 4 19:20:28 PST 2007

> Michael Gunter wrote:
>> Did Santa bring anything cool for Christmas?

Actually, Santa mostly brought brewing stuff this year (just got started
this fall, so I guessed everybody rushed in to get me stuff before I got it
for myself ;-)). 

One cooking related item, however, was a wonderful Book+DVD written by the
staff of, and about a recent Montreal restaurant (Au Pied de Cochon). As the
name indicates, they are really strong on pork (rehabilitating the use of
all parts of the animal in cookery) but also on fresh seasonal fish, game,
and traditional food, as well as "traditional" junk foods. They are also
Foie Gras fetichists, which results in Foie Gras burgers, hot-dogs, stuffed
lamb calves and pig feet, and my decadent favourite, the Foie Gras Poutine.

It's both pretty hilarious and awe-inspiring.

I'm starting to have mad demented food dreams now!!!


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