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> In regards to what I am reading with some of the replys.  I will say that I will give credit where credit is do.  Also I am just tring to learn mostly about period specific cooking.  I am still flepen new to this suff folks.  So please cut me some slack.  I do understand what all of your points are.  I do not have any direction or clear way to ask untill I know what I need.  If you need more information ask it in a form of a question please.  I AM JUST A BEGENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GET THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> From,
> Joshua

Joshua, I know it seems odd to you and I can see you are frustrated. 
You're looking for some recipes to start with? I started with Armored 
Turnips, which is a savory dish. I also like to make Gingerbrede. Here 
are some recipes in the medieval text for both:

The original: "Armored Turnips: Cut up turnips that have been either 
boiled or
cooked under the ashes.  Likewise do the same with rich cheese, not too
ripe. These should be smaller morsels than the turnips, though. In a pan
greased with butter or liquamen, make a layer of cheese first, then a
layer of turnips, and so on, all the while pouring in spice and some
butter, from time to time. This dish is quickly cooked and should be
eaten quickly, too." 

Interpretation: boil turnips whole. Peel and cut them into slices. Cut 
cheese into smaller slices. Butter a baking dish, and lay in a layer of 
cheese, a layer of turnips, a little butter and some spices, and repeat. 
Finish up with a layer of cheese, and heat it in the oven until the 
cheese is melted.

To make gingerbrede. Take goode honey & clarifie it on + e fere, & take 
fayre paynemayn or wastel brede & grate it, & caste it into + e boylenge 
hony, & stere it well togyder faste with a sklyse + at it bren not to + 
e vessell. & + anne take it doun and put + erin ginger, longe pepper & 
saundres, & tempere it vp with + in handes; & than put hem to a flatt 
boyste & strawe + eron suger, & pick + erin clowes rounde aboute by + e 
egge and in + e mydes, yf it plece you, &c. 

My 'translation': Take honey, and heat it up to boiling, put grated 
bread in it, and stir it together well so it doesn't stick to the sides. 
Take it off the heat and add ground ginger, grated long pepper, 
'saunders' (red sandalwood, a coloring agent), and knead it with your 
hands [do this with care!]. Spread it out in a flat layer and spread 
sugar on it, and stick whole cloves in it around the edges and in the 

-- Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at fiedlerfamily.net 
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