[Sca-cooks] Cooking Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 3 07:15:24 PST 2007

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> > > > In regards to what I am reading with some of the replys.  I will say
that I will give credit where credit is do.  Also I am just tring to learn
mostly about period specific cooking.  I am still flepen new to this suff
folks.  So please cut me some slack.  I do understand what all of your
points are.  I do not have any direction or clear way to ask untill I know
what I need.  If you need more information ask it in a form of a question
please.  I AM JUST A BEGENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GET THE

Joshua  < < < < < <

Tell you what, if you will draft an agereement, execute, notarize and send
to my attention that you will hsare royalties ni the amount of 1% of all
future financial gain, pursuant to the information I send you . . . then I
will shoot out any and all information you may want.  I am neither new nor
naive, but exceedingly willing to share my knowledge and experience with
those I resonably expect want to learn and not take advantage of me.

I do not kow you from any other person, so I cannot assume one way or the
other.  Given your statement that you understand all of our points and have
chosen to keep to yourself the details of your intent, I and the others are
prone to suspect some sort of ulterior motive.  Quid pro quo . . . . you
give us a polite and courteous introduction about you, tell us outright what
you are trying to do with our hard work and research, and then we determine
how much of our combined decades of  heart/sweat/tears were are willing to
contribute to your project.  Be forwarned that we are a generous lot, and
love to take new students into the fold . . . we are also a stern lot that
dispise wolves perpetrating a ruse to steal our intellectual treasures.

niccolo difrancesco

PS I'd bet if you continue demanding, screaming and pouting without so much
as a nod to our inquiries, you will eventually end up running afoul of the
list administrator, who has "No Peddlers" signs posted conspicuously in
this, his living room.

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