[Sca-cooks] Cooking Help Please! I also have anwered the questions that where by request.

Joshua McCoy myrddin at nerdshack.com
Wed Jan 3 17:59:27 PST 2007

I will start of by answering the questions about my cook book.  To the question "Perhaps you could tell us a little more about this project?"  For right now it is just going to be a very personal project for me to learn at this point and if I do decide to have this published I will give credit where credit is do.  For question "Firstly, do you want period recipes or modern ones?"  Why would I ask in this e-blog with knowing what it is for help with some recipes?  Also yes I do want  period recipes.  This question "Secondly, what do you mean, personal cook book...are you planning to publish it?"  Like I had said it is a personal cook book and no I do not plan to have it published and if I do I will give credit where credit is do.  This is where I will ask for you to put your name if it is yours that you have done if it is not yours then put the name of the book and the authors name year that the book was published and the publishing company where I can give the credit to the appropriate person.  As to this question "What culture are you interested in - England? France? Germany? Italy? other?"  I am interested in all cultures.  Now for this last question "What time period - 14th C.? 15th C.? 16th C.? other?"  I am interested in 10th though 16th Centuries.

Now I will respont to the questions that was posed about me, my creibility, and motives.   My personality is quite deferent compared to most other people for in which my personality includes: being laid-back, being blunt to people, treating people how I want to be treated, and doing selfless acts of kindness, also some time getting bent out of shape along with getting frustrated with rudeness.  Beings that I am laid-back, I do fit the dictionary term of being laid back which is relaxed, easygoing, and carefree.  I am not so relaxed, easygoing, and carefree that I am lazy but relaxed, easygoing and carefree enough that I can get along with others while keeping an open mind.  Part of me being blunt as the dictionary puts it being abrupt and direct in address or manner.  I do not like being fake or acting fake to people because it is like a lie to me for in which is a facade.  No one likes to be treated like they are worthless and nor do I, so that is why I treat others how I want to be treated.  I had enough of being treated worthless growing up.  Doing selfless acts of kindness gives me the best feeling in the world.  It only takes one person to do a selfless act of kindness to start creating world peace.  

Things that I like to do for fun is: watching movies, listening to music, and reading books.  The types of movies that I like to watch are: sci-fi, action adventure, and thrillers.  The best sci-fi movie that I have seen in my life are the Star Wars movies.  I also think that the best action adventure movies are the Indiana Jones movies.  The best thrillers that I have seen are Friday the 13th and Jason Movies.  I like a verity of music like: t.A.T.u., and Evanescence.  I like t.A.T.u. because I like it how they sing there songs in Russian along with how all of them are put to gather with back ground music.  Evanescence is the same as t.A.T.u. with how the back ground music and the lyrics are put to gather.  I do like reading books very much because they allow me to escape in to a fantasy that which allows me to deal with reality much better.  So far the only books that I have read are: the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, and The Left Behind books by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins.  

Now I will tell you about my interests & hobbies.  A few of my interests are: reading, computers, creative writing, and the Middle Ages & the Renaissance period.  Even though I may have said this before, I enjoy reading books such as the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan.  There are even more books that I will be reading in the coming future.  When it comes to creative writing it's a strange thing.  I am doing my best to try and wright a good fantasy book.  I am also am wanting to try my hand at writing a history Book.  Now for my interest in the Middle Ages & the Renaissance period.  I have always been interested in history stuff such as the Middle Ages & the Renaissance.  I plan on making some of my own clothing form the Middle Ages & the Renaissance period and some form other time periods as well.  A few of my hobbies are: fishing, and hunting.  As for fishing I just have not been able to go for a while do to the inability to do so at this time.  When it comes to hunting I am in the begging stages of starting this new hobby.  

Like I had said before I am quite laid-back it is not until I detect some rudeness in lies why I get rude back and get frustrated.  In my own defense I did make a post that aparently did not get sent or posted correctly.  I am sorry if I had offended any one.  For one last question that I almost neglected to answer and this question "What do you know about cooking in general?"  The assumption maid by Terry Decker aka Bear he was correct in assumming that I do not know any thing about historical cooking.  That is part of the reasoning why I left every thing open open the way that I did.  This is one point that was maid to me by private e-mail by Morgana Abby that will be working on helping all of you to help me when I post such thing with needing help.  I also do need to say even though I did come accrosed the way that I did Morgana Abby came accrossed a lot better in reply to me with what I have previously posted.  I hope that this information helps you to know what I am looking for and help you to know me better as well as why I am also the person that I am in the way that I come accrosed.  Also I last thing if you have more information to ask about me personaly please send me a private e-mail and there I will tell you more because I know that I left some stuff out about me because it is to private for a public posting of my dirty laundry stuff, so to say.


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