[Sca-cooks] Weddings

rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Wed Jan 3 20:29:57 PST 2007

LOL Dude I got those files printed out and on my bed side table.

Also have Vows, Cakes, aw heck I think I printed it all... like 200 
hundred pages. 
Do you realize that you should copyright and bind together most of your 
site? I mean my God...
Mark you could be RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually make a table of contents, an index,  and Print the entire damn 
thing... 5 million pages of SCA stuff.  Hell I'd buy it.
I know it is a service that you do... but DUDE C'Mon... You have a 
veritable mint on your hands....
Oh and thanks for the Congratulations... and yeah it is a period 
wedding... Matter of fact we got a guy Translating the Scottish Celtic 
(you read that right) ceremony for us.  I will try and get him to send 
you a copy. 
Thanks for the tip but I learned a long time ago check your site first....
and when I can't find it... Ask You.....

PS Yes I am still a guy.  ;)

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Nichola mentioned in his Ol' Saint Nick Report: (I hope that I got  
> that 'his' right)
> Congratulations!  I'm not sure what type of wedding you are planning  
> on, but if it is modeled on a medieval one, or as ours was, a mix of  
> medieval, Wicccan and Victorian traditions, you might want to look at  
> the            section of the Florilegium. I know I wish I had had that  
> Stefan
> ------

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