[Sca-cooks] Protestants prohibited spices in England?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Jan 3 23:22:18 PST 2007

Bear replied to me with:
 > Were the Puritans ever in a position to impose their opinions on
 > English (or Dutch) society as a whole?
 > Stefan

Ask Oliver Cromwell.

Huh? Was Oliver Cromwell a Puritan?  I'm afraid I don't know that  
much about him.  I have enough problems learning about all the stuff  
before 1600 CE, much less the century after that. I think I've read  
two opinions on Cromwell. One thought he was evil incarnate and the  
other thought although he did some bad things he could have been much  
worse and that he did bad to keep from having to do worse.

This does bring up another question though. The Puritans were  
distinct enough to be their own sect. What happened to them after the  
early 17th Century? I don't imagine that they all managed to  
immigrate to the New World. It is sort of like the Norse. Looking at  
the SCA, you'd think that when the Viking Age ended, the Norse got  
teleported somewhere else. Gunthar is one of the few post-Viking Age  
Norse that I know of in the SCA. Certainly there are very few  
compared to "Vikings".


PS: Although I don't believe it answers this question, there is this  
Florilgium file:
Puritans-msg      (17K)  2/22/02    The Puritan movement of the 16th  
and 17th C.
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