[Sca-cooks] I apologize.

rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Thu Jan 4 19:25:55 PST 2007

Hey Joshua I have one other Heck Probably Very Valuable Tip for ya...
Make a folder on your computer somewhere... Label it Recipes or 
something.  And then just start saving the ones that come flying off 
this list.  Believe me there will be a ton.  I have been off list for 
about a year, but I have 251 saved files of emails from this list; most 
of which are recipes.  So truth be told... ya don't need to ask for the 
recipes, ya just have to wait.... ;)
Now as far as publishing them goes?  That is where you'd have to back 
track and get the permission slips signed....
    And don't anyone here worry :) I am to busy cooking with the damn 
things to worry about publishing them....

Anyways that is just a spot of advice from a oldie/newbie. 


Joshua McCoy wrote:
> I am sending this e-mail to every so I can apologize.   I do see that every one is trying to help this.  Yes, my decorum and attitude have not been good.  So I do ask some time to find my place in the group.  I do apologize for every thing.  I am quite sinser and appologize for my errors.  I am also for my spelling errors as well along with my gramer and miss use of propably more than a few words.
> Joshua
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