[Sca-cooks] sauders/sandlewood

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Jan 4 00:49:08 PST 2007

Maire asked:

<<< Are we talking two different kinds of "saunders," here? I've got  
some, from
the East Kingdom Pepperers' Guild, and it looks remarkably like  
reddish clay--the sort one makes terra cotta pots from.  ;o)  >>>

I don't remember seeing any replies to this question. If I remember  
correctly, there are two types of sandlewood/sauders. One produces a  
good red color ad is used in foods. The other doesn't, but has a nice  
smell and is used in perfumery and such.

I don't seem to have a specific file on sauders/sandlewood in the  
Florilegium, but plugging those terms into the search engine on the  
top page of the site is likely to turn up a number of messages  
elaborating upon what I mentioned above.

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