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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 4 04:02:23 PST 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 2:11 AM, otsisto wrote:

> I have a recipe that I plan to work on but some of the ingredients  
> are in
> grams.
> now the lazy part. I was wondering if someone has already figured  
> out grams
> to cups for
> 250 g of flour.

There are 28 grams, which is a unit of mass (not quite the same thing  
as weight, but generally functionally close), in an ounce, so 250 g  
is just about 9 ounces in mass/weight. Of course, 9 ounces in a  
measuring cup won't hold 9 ounces of flour; those are really meant  
for water-based liquids. So lessee, if you figure 3.5 cups of flour  
to a pound (a rough estimate), eight times a billion, carry the  
ninety-nine, nine ounces would be just about two cups of flour.

> It specifically asks for spelt but I don't believe that it
> weighs more then regular flour.

Assuming similar grinds, yes.

> I'm having a brain fog, the recipe asks for 150 g of butter.  
> (here's the
> silly brain fog) can grams be applied to butter?

Sure. It's just a measure of how much the butter masses. Again, 28  
grams to the ounce gets you about 5 and one-third ounces of butter.

> It asks for 125 g of soft brown sugar. My question is there a hard  
> brown
> sugar?

Yeah, brown sugar tends to get a little clumpy and hard, which makes  
it both hard to measure and hard to mix. One could also argue that by  
using hard brown sugar, you're getting more sugar and less moisture,  
and therefore throwing everything off just a bit. The recipe is  
suggesting you avoid all this by opening a fresh box, so to speak.

> I figure I can weigh the hazelnut meal and the sugar.
> Oh yeah the recipe is for Friese Dumkes.
> De
> Getting over the flu.

With a name like Friese Dumkes, it's got to be good! [Sounds like a  

Good health!


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