[Sca-cooks] In Response to the Recent Problems

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 4 09:49:33 PST 2007

Master A, as usual, has boiled down much of the discussion
and feelings going on here better than most and with logic
and humor. Thank you.

I have not interferred so far because we were due for another
person coming in here and stepping on assorted toes. I think
it is either a cyclic thing or someone at the Super Secret
Government Internet Status Quo division has hired talented
people to log on and stir up mailing lists on a routine basis.

I've learned that I don't need to be the sherrif in this here
neighborhood because you all are pretty durned good shots
and have a length of rope handy. So, unless a riot is forming
I sit back and munch popcorn. (Which is not period)

I don't think I need to add much more to the current situation
since you people have been very clear on what is expected from
this individual and won't be taken in if he is scamming for free
information. Him asking for non-copyrighted material was a
definite claxon for many of us.

Also, if you are planning on publishing a book please take time
to check spelling, grammar and punctuation. Pretty much everyone
on this list is well educated and very careful on making posts
clear. Some spelling errors and such do occur but having so
many mistakes makes for poor reading and many of us just
stop trying and ignore your posts. This again is a courtesy
to your readers. Even if you are young or English is not your
native language you can at least apply a spell check.

People aren't here to be rude, in fact I forbid such behavior,
but sometimes correction needs to be made and no matter
how gently it is given, correction always feels like a slap.

Please remember to be courteous in this room and maybe
sit back and listen to the conversation before stepping in
with just a generic request. Perhaps sitting in the background
and seeing how things are conducted here will help prevent
any further miscommunications.


Evil List Administrator

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