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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 4 12:48:55 PST 2007

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> > > > Hullo, folks; I'm posting this here because while it is technically
reply to Niccolo, it's good to all be on the same page, if possible,
and maybe Joshua might benefit from some of it. I'm not going to
write anything I'd be embarrassed for him to see...

> pacem et bonum, (I need the reminder: Peace and Goodness to you)
> niccolo difrancesco

Fra Niccolo is much nicer than I am, and when he says that at the end
of a post, it is not a mechanical platitude. I think that everybody
who put in time and effort to improve this situation deserves thanks...

Adamantius  < < < < < <

Master A.,

If nothing else, reading through your self-admitted post of some length gave
me pause to compose and regroup my approach.  You do offer a generous primer
that reminded me what I needed to learn when I first got here.  So, I'm
going to gather up a couple of recipes from Cuoco Napolitano and pop them up
for the lad.  If nothing else, he gets some recipes not many other folks are
workling with (as compared to two 5th, Ordionance of Pottage, Menagier).

pacem et bonum


(PS you are right about this signature line.  I take it pretty seriously as
reminder to me to do my part make it happen when interacting with other
people.  I wander astray now and again, unfortunately.)

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