[Sca-cooks] The Paranoia Thing.

rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Thu Jan 4 19:03:58 PST 2007

Hi Niccolo!!!
I was the one that called everyone paranoid.  Not Joshua.  Wasn't meant 
offensive, (Not like I ever care about that though.  I generally get 
most folks ticked at me at some point or 'nother.)  ;)
But more importantly...
Whatever word we use... it doesn't matter because most of the Brass that 
is on this list deserves to be paranoid, careful, vigilant, guarded, 
wary, or hell even contagious... ;) Almost all of the people on this 
list have been doing research for a DAMN long time.  And alot of them 
have been burned.  So I say we let them be all of those things and more 

    As far as Copy written vs Un goes, well that is almost everything 
that is readable to most of us is Copy written... Cause someone has 
already translated it/redacted it.  If Joshua wants the Un- copywritten 
stuff I am sure there are texts that need translating.... I don't happen 
to have any though....

(Joshua et al... Please note that that last part was me being a smart 
ass.)  No real reason to respond...

I just really wanted to clear Joshua on the calling folks paranoid thing. 
That'd be me.  :) And if you wanna see Paranoid just tell Master A that 
Bobby Flay and Martha are out to get him.

Love ya all.

Nick Sasso wrote:
> I sincerely believe that "paranoid" is not the word needed here.  Cautious,
> wary, vigilant, guarded, careful . . . all of these are much more
> descriptive and a bit less accusatory and judgemental than "paranoid".

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