[Sca-cooks] sauders/sandlewood

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 4 11:53:27 PST 2007

> Please note that yellow sandalwood is not safe for human  consumption.  Further, don't use sandalwood oil in cooking - it's  
> likely to be yellow sandalwood oil, and the concentration of the  
> hazardous compounds is much much higher.
> - Doc
I've been gifted with a bottle of sandalwood syrup from the middle 
east.  I'm at work and the bottle is at home so I can't say right now 
where it's from exactly - the donor brought it from Qatar.  I wonder 
what the flavoring agent could be then?  It does smell lovely, like 
sandalwood.  I might drizzle it over baklava but certainly won't use it 
to drown my pancakes.


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