[Sca-cooks] what do you do with Quinces?

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Warning; I am in all possibilities, about to ask a stupid question. 
I have seen these boxes of tiny yellow quinces in the store, at rather high prices, considering. There may be about a dozen or so in a box, and the price hovers from 2.50 to 3, per box.
What can you do with them, and how many would it take to do them right?  Five pounds of them would be rather...pricey...for an experiment.
Who has a pink flowering quince bush-and I have gotten *one* green quince off of it in ten years....
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The quinces from my tree can sometime have mold or rot beginning at 
the flower end.  I just cut it off, doesn't seem to effect the 
quality for jelly etc.  Pests don't seem to be problem in general.

Simon Sinneghe
Briaroak, Summits, An Tir
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