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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Cailte asked:
<<< is haggis strictly scottish, never traveling beyond the
borders, or would it be a dish that would have been
known/done/served around the british?  is it merely a
generalized pudding or a country specific treasure?  >>>

Yes, part of the problem is probably deciding what is, and is not, a  
haggis. I seem to have a number of period haggis recipes, but  
surpisingly many (most?) of these are what other people might call  
white puddings without the various sheep entrails and such.  
Unfortunately, many of the recipes I have also don't have precise  
dates or regions attached to them.

<<< i suppose this comes from looking for things people have
heard of and that there are recipes for as opposed to the
dominant 'nothing written down' i keep banging into with
the irish food.  >>>

You might want to check this Florilegium file for recipes and  
previous discussions:

haggis-msg        (94K) 10/25/01    Scottish haggis recipes. comments  
on haggis.

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