[Sca-cooks] New email group for Artisian Cheesemakers

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Thu Jan 4 21:02:08 PST 2007

The list owner for the Artisan Cheesemakers group decided to put the list on
hold (no new members, no messages) so a new list has been started called
ArtisanCheesemakersCave.  Please let people on other kingdom and cooks lists
know about the new list or any other lists which might be interested in
traditional or home cheesemaking.  (It's not limited to SCA time period.)

Here's the focus of the list:

Do you like to transform fresh milk into crocks of creamy white cheese or
rounds of flavorful gold?

ArtisanCheesemakersCave is for sharing and improving cheesemaking (and other
dairy products) skills. It's a place to discuss cheesemaking recipes,
production tips, resources for cheesemakers, marketing, artisan cheese
history, cheese tastings, cheese workshops, and other cheese events.

Recipes that make good use of or highlight artisan cheeses may also be
posted. Historic recipes or news of archeological findings that include
cheese are also welcomed.


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