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otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Thu Jan 4 21:59:01 PST 2007

Very different. Semolina is a hairline finer then corn meal. And the
semolina meal is a hairline coarser then cornmeal.
>From a website:
"There are difference grades: (1) Semolina flour is finely ground endosperm
of durum wheat; (2) Semolina meal is a coarsely ground cereal like farina;
and (3) Wheatina is ground whole-grain wheat."
I use the flour in making Halva.
I was told once that a person could make a nut free marzipan using semolina
as the nut substitute and add extract but I have never gotten around to
making marzipan.

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I am going to be baking a Middle Eastern cookie called "Virgins Breasts".
However, the recipe calls for semolina flour.  How different is from the
unbleached plain flour I already have?  Is there a great diference between
the regular unbleached flour I already have and the semolina?



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