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something else you're not mentioning: sucrose (sugar as we ybderstand it) 
and fructose (corn sugar) are different chemicals.  Sucrose is a 12-carbon 
sugar; fructose, a 6-carbon sugar.  They have different sweetness levels, 
and, apparenty, different physiological digestivve properties.  Someone else 
with access to more current (and more accessible) textbooks than mine may be 
abve to provide further information.


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>Sugar (sucrose) is "really" evaporated cane juice, or more precisely, it is
>a multicrystallized sugar having been processed multiple times..  
>cane juice is made in a single process where it is cooked out of the cane,
>filtered for impurities and cooked down to original consistency (I haven't
>found a good enough description of the process to figure out if the 
>cook down to crystal and rehydrate).  Presumably the product retains more 
>the character and nutrients of the natural cane juice.
> > Uh, Bear, isn't "evaporated Cane juice" kinda the same stuff as sugar?
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> > As a small aside, Smuckers is producing some soft drinks, ginger ale,
> > vanilla cream soda, root beer, etc., with evaporated cane juice rather
> > than
> > high fructose corn syrup.  They've got great flavor.
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