[Sca-cooks] sugar cane

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 5 23:32:03 PST 2007

As I understand it, sucrose will trigger insulin production and will produce 
a feeling of satiation, both of which fructose isn't supposed to do.  The 
calorie count is about the same.  I didn't get into the difference because 
we've flogged that horse a time or two previously and cane juice and cane 
sugar are sucrose.


> something else you're not mentioning: sucrose (sugar as we ybderstand it)
> and fructose (corn sugar) are different chemicals.  Sucrose is a 12-carbon
> sugar; fructose, a 6-carbon sugar.  They have different sweetness levels,
> and, apparenty, different physiological digestivve properties.  Someone 
> else
> with access to more current (and more accessible) textbooks than mine may 
> be
> abve to provide further information.
> Regards,
> Brekke

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