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Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 5 22:23:27 PST 2007

Am Freitag, 5. Januar 2007 21:38 schrieb Kathleen A Roberts:
> finally!  an excuse to write about food and feasting in
> middle earth and potential resemblance to medieval
> recipes!
> it appears the modern lit with medieval themes class i am
> taking this semester is doing tolkein!  hooray!  the
> hobbit and LOTR.  and no special editions, either... i can
> use the ones i own already.  class starts the 17th.  i am
> SO ready!
> boy, all of the things i have learned from you guys and
> directions you have pointed me in are going to come in
> really handy.
> just have to convince the teacher it's a legit topic.  8)

If they're into postmodernism, convince them that food in Tolkien is a 
symbolic language. It actually is, so that should be easy enough. But be 
careful with medieval tie-ins - Tolkien's foodways are really the foodways of 
an idealised rural England, plus a slightly skewed image of the wider world. 
there is some influence of early medieval poetry, but wherever you get down 
to hard facts (and ingredients), you are talking Olde Englande. 

I once cooked Bilbo's feast with the dwarves, and I found almost every single 
recipe in Hartley's 'Food in England' (a nostalgic 'looking back' book that 
is almost contemporary with the Lord of the Rings, which I think is not 
coincidence - it reflects the world both Hartley and Tolkien were nostalgic 

There is also a 'Hobbit's Cookbook', but I'm not very fond of it. Nanny Ogg is 
by far the superior food writer.


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