[Sca-cooks] Porridge for the sons of kings (was RE: 12th Night 2007 Stories)

Celia des Archier celiadesarchier at cox.net
Sun Jan 7 12:57:00 PST 2007

In the thread on oat pudding, Adamantius said:
<<Well, there's a fairly limited number of possibilities, I imagine.  
The info on the site says it's described in monastic rules (the only  
one I've read is the Rule of Saint Benedict, which probably isn't  
very close), and mentioned in the Brehon Laws as being an appropriate  
food for fostered princes.>>


All this mention of the "appropriate food" for fostered princes or, as the
web site says the food of noble hostages "by right" triggered a very tenuous
memory and now I'm curious to explore it further. 

I remember reading somewhere, I'm sure it was either a tertiary source or a
fictional account (I'm thinking it was most likely a historical novel)
rather than somewhere reliable, a short bit on the proper preparation of
porridge based on the rank of the son being fed; i.e., using cream for the
sons of kings, milk for nobles, water for anyone beneath a certain rank.  I'
wondering now if that was something that the author actually found in
research, as this sounds similar.  Has anyone ever come across this in a
primary source?  Is this perhaps what is meant when the Brehon Laws were
being referenced? 

Anyone know?  

Ya'll have just peaked my curiosity on the matter. (of course now I also
have to figure out where I read it, as it would imply that the author
actually may have done a good bit of research.)


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