[Sca-cooks] Porridge for the sons of kings (was RE: 12th Night 2007 Stories)

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 7 13:03:44 PST 2007

> I remember reading somewhere, I'm sure it was either a tertiary source or a
> fictional account (I'm thinking it was most likely a historical novel)
> rather than somewhere reliable, a short bit on the proper preparation of
> porridge based on the rank of the son being fed; i.e., using cream for the
> sons of kings, milk for nobles, water for anyone beneath a certain rank.  I'
> wondering now if that was something that the author actually found in
> research, as this sounds similar.  Has anyone ever come across this in a
> primary source?  Is this perhaps what is meant when the Brehon Laws were
> being referenced?
> Anyone know?
> Celia

It's in Brehon Law, my ex has the line and verse, I'll try to get the
specifics from him.  In English, to spare us all a lot of confusion.


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