[Sca-cooks] The Florilegium (was Weddings)

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 14 01:32:19 PST 2007

Nichola mentioned after I suggested he might find some of the files  
in the WEDDING section of the Florilegium useful for his upcoming  

<<< LOL Dude I got those files printed out and on my bed side table.

Also have Vows, Cakes, aw heck I think I printed it all... like 200
hundred pages.  >>>

Oh. Okay. Well, if you've gone to the trouble to print out what is  
currently there, you might not want to do that again with the updated  
versions. However, the offer to get these files updated still stands.  
I'm afraid that with having a monthly article to put out on what's  
new in the Florilegium, often updating older files gets put on the  
back-burner compared to getting new files online.
I try to have enough new stuff in the article that people will read it.

<<< Do you realize that you should copyright and bind together most  
of your
site? I mean my God...
Mark you could be RICH!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>

No. I am only the editor of the material of the stuff in the  
Florilegium. The copyright to the material remains with the original  
authors. While it would be nice if the Florilegium wasn't a money  
sink and I could at least break even, I'm afraid that if I started  
making any significant amount of money off of the Florilegium, then  
the original authors would get upset and new (and old material, since  
I will withdraw any messages or articles upon a request by the  
original author) would dry up and disappear. And then no one would  
benefit from the Florilegium existing or having existed.

Hey, it's nice to be able to go almost anywhere in the Known World  
and have at least some people there aware of some of the work you've  
done, even if they wouldn't recognize me by sight. I suspect that  
only some Peers, and fewer Royals can claim that.  Although it would  
be nice if it resulted in more invitations to participate in things.  

<<< Actually make a table of contents, an index,  and Print the  
entire damn
thing... 5 million pages of SCA stuff.  Hell I'd buy it.  >>>

The Table of Contents to the Florilegium is the filelist. I am happy  
to email it to anyone who requests it. It is also online in the  
Florilegium although sometimes it isn't quite up-to-date there,  
although I am trying to be better about uploading new copies there  
more often. Currently it is 50 pages long and about 532K bytes in RTF  
format.  There are SCA events which I take paper copies to to hand  
them out and I usually take a few to Pennsic. However since it has  
gotten so large and gets out-of-date so quickly I haven't been  
printing out as many as I used to do. Especially when I was  
unemployed. :-)

I also have a two page flyer in PDF format about the Florilegium,  
meant to be printed as a double-sided single sheet of paper, on the  
site if anyone wishes to download a copy, print it out and distribute  
it. To SCA newcomers, for instance.

<<< I know it is a service that you do... but DUDE C'Mon... You have a
veritable mint on your hands....  >>>

I doubt that. The donations came in strongly for a short time after I  
set that up, but it has been a long time since any came in.

Folks could write the Crown of Ansteorra. However, the Crown, at  
least the Ansteorran Crowns, don't look at any recommendations  
submitted in the previous reigns. Besides some folks on this list did  
try that a couple of years ago to no effect.

<<< Oh and thanks for the Congratulations... and yeah it is a period
wedding... Matter of fact we got a guy Translating the Scottish Celtic
(you read that right) ceremony for us.  I will try and get him to send
you a copy.  >>>

Please do. That would make a nice addition to the RELIGION or  
WEDDINGS sections.

<<< Thanks for the tip but I learned a long time ago check your site
and when I can't find it... Ask You.....
;)   >>>

Okay. I seldom know if someone has already visited the Florilegium  
when they mention something and I often feel that even if they have,  
perhaps others on this list haven't, yet might still be encouraged to  
check a file out when they see a particular file mentioned. This is  
also why I tend to post a message about files to the list and not  
just privately emailing that person. However, if anyone feels these  
pointers to files are getting to be irritating or are clogging up the  
bandwidth of this list, let me know, either on this list or by email  
and I will alter the way I do things.

Thanks for the compliments and the encouragement, Nichola.

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