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 Right now, in Central Alabama, the sky is slate gray, and wet....
Our cold-weather plans at our house is a Corn/Sausage casserole, with hot buttered white bread, and, at Mother's insistence, a green veggie. 
It is;
 a layer of crumbled, cooked sausage (I get a fresh-made batch from a Pork Specialist in Argo-just down the Highway from where I live. It can be mild or hot, your choice)
a layer of whole kernel corn
a layer of a thick white sauce made from the sausage 'leavings'(think thick milk gravy) 
Top with a good Cheddar cheese, bake till almost bubbling
decorate the top with ketchup, pop back into the oven until it does 'bubble' and set.
OK-bad for the cholesterol, but it is good eating. the Casserole haters in the family loved it.
We also do Chili, especially on Football Saturdays.
Chicken soup is at least once-a-weekly meal during the winter months, especially if someone is coming down with a cold.
Beef Stew-as hearty as we can get it.
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches
The usual hearty, good solid foods of growing up years...and, incidentally, stuff that can be put in the freezer and pantry just in case of being stuck and not getting to the store....
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Texas and Oklahoma got socked with a huge winter ice 
storm that had everyone huddled in their homes all weekend. 
So, in such a situation, what do you do other than cuddle 
together and make hearty meals? 
So cold weather brings out the stuff to make us sleep. 
I also love making a huge pot of chicken noodle soup or 
chicken and dumplings or beef stew. 
Did y'all make anything special when you are stuck inside? 
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