[Sca-cooks] Internet Radio for SCAdians

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Wed Jan 17 12:35:00 PST 2007

Music to dine by:

Internet Radio for SCAdians! 
Posted by: "Shane B" shaneb at ij.net   shane1bb 
Tue Jan 16, 2007 4:53 pm (PST) 

>Greetings to the list,
>For those of us who can listen to the radio at work, and even better
>if you have the internet, Phoenix College has acquired an internet
>radio license and yours truly has procured an hour for music.
>Starting tomorrow, and every Wed. during the school year, at 1-2pm
>we will be playing music related to our time periods and classical.
>The first show (tomorrow) features the Whiskey Bards, the Musician's
>Guild of Loch Salaan, Medieval Baebes, Gypsy Flamenco and more. This
>is done through Live365.com and all musicians are paid their
>Please (I beg of you) forward this to lists out of kingdom as the
>internet is everywhere, and I am looking for SCA musicians who have
>music that they want played on the air. Unsigned musicians are
>welcome as long as they have a decent recording and fill out the
>The address is phxinternetradio. com. Click the link to play music.
>It's that easy.
>Contact me at monica.banks @pcmail .maricopa. edu {remove spaces}
>Please tune in and give me your feedback.
>Thanks for your attention,
>THL Wynne

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