[Sca-cooks] Chinese Chicken Soup recipe

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 18 06:36:35 PST 2007

Phillipa posted:
>chicken soup.  A few years ago, Master A posted a wonderful Chinese
>chicken soup that had a slight sweet taste to it. ...Trying to
>remember,... did it have orange juice in it??

and Stefan replied:
>However, looking through the recipes I've saved from this list, I
>found this chicken soup recipe from Adamantius that might be the one
>you were thinking of. I've pasted it below. My apologies if someone
>else has already posted it. I'm still a bit behind in reading this list.

<recipe snipped>
>Possible additions might be Chinese red raisins (which are really a
>dried fruit not closely related to grapes; they're about 1/4 inch long
>and a sort of coral red),

Could these be what are now being sold as "goji berries" (not sure about 
the spelling)?


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