[Sca-cooks] Putting this list to the task...

rattkitten rattkitten at hughes.net
Sat Jan 20 21:59:22 PST 2007

Ok folks let's try a test...
Prices right now in your area for Eye of Round... and I mean the Best 
prices... I am talking you walk by it and go Holy Sh*& that's a great 
We paid $15.00 for 2 bottom Rounds the other day and got like 8 meals 
out of them after cutting and freezing...
So I am just curious to see what prices folks are paying for things...
And finally would you be willing, and have the knowledge on how to go 
buy said product and ship it?
That is the "Test Part" of this email....

Now it has been 1 1/2 years for me since I was on here... so I need to 
ask ... are my Atlanta Ga. folks still here?  If so I need a favor... I 
need a price check the next time you are at the Oriental Market, and 
International Market.  Any help available?
Otherwise I will make the trip and find out for myself.  

I just think this would be a great help to this whole list.
It seems kinda silly but what the heck... Price Check on Aisle 9....


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