[Sca-cooks] Yule Celebrations

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I wonder why you want the penultimate recipe rather than the ultimate?  Are 
you inherhently humble, do you not think yourself worthy of the best?

Ranald de Balinhard

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> Many pardons, please,
> I have been hunting around for a recipe for a good, rich, deep flavored 
> char
> siu pork.  I find a few online that could fit the bill, but I don't know
> exactly what it is that makes the key flaroving.  Could be the hoi sin, or
> oyster flavored sauce, or even the 5 spice powder.  None of the recipes I
> find have all of them, but various combinations of them.  Honey, soy and
> ginger do seem consistant.  Most indicate butt/shoulder, but I suspect 
> that
> fresh ham or the butt end of a loin would work out just fine.
> Does anyone prepare this or have the penultimate recipe?  Master A . . . I
> figure you are a possible candidate for this pork masterpiece.  You gots
> something?  I'm doing an exploratory of modern braised and slow-roasted 
> pork
> dishes.  Char siu came up, so here I am.
> pacem et bonum,
> niccolo difrancesco
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