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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 21 17:57:13 PST 2007

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I haven't made this in a long time, but my Chinese professor some years back
declared it as good as any he ate in China.  It comes from a dinky little
Chinese cookbook I picked up back before I even knew there was an SCA!!  I
made it according to the recipe for a few times, then reworked it to taste
(to my taste!!) more like what I found in Chinese restaurants.  Here 'tis:


I'm sorry that I don't know quantities...I've been making this for so long
I've forgotten what they look like.  But you're such a great cook I'm sure
you can figure it out!

Kiri > > > > > >

Translation:  suck it up and figure it out your d at mn self!  <vbg>   Your
ingredients list is, indeed, the value of the recipe, and many thanks for
that.  I'm sure I'll find my own taste in the mix, and find a good starting
point by looking at the proportions I've gathered from the various people
and places.  I do have about 12 different good looking versions to peruse,
so your ingredients list is most valuable.  I just hope I can do it justice
when I get to scorching the flesh, as it were.

niccolo difrancesco
('Round Eye' on a mission)

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