[Sca-cooks] Burger Battle

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> Susan wrote:
> <<< Volker Bach wrote:
>> If it originated in Persia, how do we get t Roman 'Isicia'?
>> I'd suspect rather that once you have leftover meat and chop it,
>> you'll find
>> out fairly soon that it can be made into balls, patties or
>> meatloaf. Asking
>> who invented it makes as much sense as asking who invented pancakes.

 Really everybody knows it was a little old Celtic lady who invented 
hamburgers just outside of Hamburg in Gaul. Pancakes were invented by a 
Celtic war chief who spilt his porridge into his frying pan . Anything we 
have worth while was of Celtic origin.  Stealing Celtic inventions just 
cause we had no written history ( tongue in cheek being a Celt)

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