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Mon Jan 22 05:50:03 PST 2007

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< < < < < Actually, I think it's been interesting, so far.  I have this
relationship with the stuff myself (char siu, not OT/OOP posts).  The
variety on this list is one of the things I like best....
--Maire  > > > > > > >

To bring the topic closer to period, I will mention that what got me started
into all of this is 1) seeing rerun of Top Chef on BravoTV and 2)considering
making egurdouce with a piece of pork loin I had recently thawed out.  I
began to wonder what sort of braised or marinated-roasted dishes are made
with pork that could conceivably be cut up and used in flatbread for
(modern) "street cart" type food.  The Egurdouce popped in (modern would be
agrodolce), as did Roman Roasted Meat with salt and honey, and a few other
favorites like monchalet, and a lamb stewy thing I got from Neapolitan
Cuisine that has a  sauce that is thickened three ways.

Modern got me to Cuban pork, American Pot Roast, Barbeque, and then to Char
Siu.  There is truly no shortage of assertively flavored pork that is
roasted, slow cooked or braised and useable on a sandwich, either sliced or

Anyone out there with more idea of favorite historical meats that could fit
this bill are welcome to chime in.  I am making a list of these to use as
sort of picnic foods for home and for afternoons at events.  I know slapping
the meat on bread isn't exactly widely documented, but it is available to us
today, and terribly convenient for quick meals.  Rules are that the meat is
very flavorful, can be prepared ahead-cooled-served either warm or cold on
bread of some sort. Bonus points for integral sauce and fruits/veg as part
of the dish that can be added to the sandwich.  Points deducted for simply
rubbing a roast with a couple seasonings and baking it . . . too boring.

pacem et bonum,
niccolo difrancesco

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