[Sca-cooks] Char Siu recipe OOP but back OT

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Jan 22 06:25:32 PST 2007

There's a recipe in the Andalusian cookbook webbed on His Grace's site
called something like "kinds of roasts" which is marinated and grilled.  My
copy of the recipe (and a redaction) are on my work computer, but I'll
contribute it to your list, if you like.  We did it once for a part of lunch
at an event, and cooked it on skewers....

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> Anyone out there with more idea of favorite historical meats that could
> this bill are welcome to chime in.  I am making a list of these to use as
> sort of picnic foods for home and for afternoons at events.  I know
> the meat on bread isn't exactly widely documented, but it is available to
> today, and terribly convenient for quick meals.  Rules are that the meat
> very flavorful, can be prepared ahead-cooled-served either warm or cold on
> bread of some sort. Bonus points for integral sauce and fruits/veg as part
> of the dish that can be added to the sandwich.  Points deducted for simply
> rubbing a roast with a couple seasonings and baking it . . . too boring.
> pacem et bonum,
> niccolo difrancesco

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